\ˈdäk-sik nän-ˌsen(t)s\

(doxic nonsense)

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as seen from above

Comments: 0 - Date: January 27th, 2005 - Categories: Things I Say

after two hours of waiting and two hours of the warmest plane ride ever, we circle the indianapolis airport. from my window seat, indiana looks like a modrian painting, but in greys and browns rather than primary colors. beautiful in its flatness, just enough snow to create a tabula rasa, punctuated by plowed roads and stands of trees. flying into la guardia is something else entirely, same colors, but a different feel, carved into city blocks rather than farm plots, the curves and diagonals so much more obviously man-made, though cut with the same intent. it’s odd, and incredibly relevant, for an instant. and then it’s gone.

entitled: not a clever boy

Comments: 0 - Date: January 6th, 2005 - Categories: Site-Related

it’s an old quote for me, from the glory days of the ePitaLog, which i guess was my first stab at blogging, before i even knew what that was. i was so tragically unhip at the turn of the century. it’s also kinda broken now, as the links in the archived entries point to my old university server account (good old /~418593/). and i know it’s lame to reference the layout/design of a site in its title, but the song is just so adequate for this act of spitting words into the void of internet anonymity.

css blues

Comments: 0 - Date: January 5th, 2005 - Categories: Site-Related

so i spent a little time matching the wordpress css to my current obsession with blues. oh, yeah, and the rest of the site. proving yet again that, as in all my other web endevours, i’d rather tinker with the form than come up with some new content. and, honestly, what do i have to say that you want to hear?  wait a minute . . . who are you anyways?