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you're a handsome devil. what's your name?

Comments: 0 - Date: December 31st, 2006 - Categories: Movies, Music, Things I Say

watching grosse pointe blank and remembering how amazing it is. the sound supervision and editing blows me away (listen to when he walks in the ultimart for the first time). then realizing that i dreamt about dancing some ballet in my dream last night for some production that kevin moriarty was directing. very odd. and also, to round out the randomness, rick was in town between the holidays and got me thinking about how to work drunken four-square into the TEAM’s next fundraiser. damn, the dialog in this movie is good. oh, and i can’t stop listening to saint elsewhere.

a proper blaghing

Comments: 0 - Date: December 16th, 2006 - Categories: Site-Related, Things I Say

as sorta lame as it is, i’ve been digging about half of what’s come down the pike at macappaday. and, through a rather lame digg that i can’t even find again, i found this article at lifehacker, which led me to this article, which finally turned me on to ecto, which i am using now and, i have to say, might actually lead me to post more too. with more links. now to get on that pesky re-design for the resume, and a new template/theme for this semi-irregular blog-ish thing.