so, this isn’t the actual travelogue update that i wanted to post, but i haven’t had time to do anything more than make notes of the days so far to remind me of the details. but, a few details to go on for now: dave’s and my air india flight wasn’t nearly as bad as i had thought it could be, with the exception of dave’s very chatty and slightly anti-semetic new friend in the next seat; we’re touring the set in a very modest van (no faster than 60mph on the highway, unless we’re going downhill, when we sometimes get to the speed limit of 70mph) that we’ve named “her ladyship the duchess julia” with dave, brad and me very cosy in the cab; this island is amazingly green and beautiful (london be damned: the countryside is unforgettably gorgeous); almost everyone on tour is now addicted to playing euchre; and, finally, i just learned to drive stick, with the added curve balls of shifting with my left hand and driving on the left side of the road. i love that every time something crops up on this tour, i find myself saying to everyone “no, this is gonna be good.” and, so far, it has been. more soon. cheers.