asa got rach and i tickets to horizion at nytw last night and, aside of getting bumped from row g to row a, it was an evening that sorta made me fall back in love with seeing theatre (not that i’d fallen out with theatre, but i sometimes find it hard to enjoy a performance when i spend most of my waking hours making theatre). it was inventive, interesting, and both smart and clever. i rarely see music worked into straight plays well, much less as effortlessly and intrinsically as these seemingly virtuosic performers wove it into each moment in the show. from an exacting score to naked and honest barbershop quartets to rinde’s heartstopping aria, the whole event woke me up to what i can and should be doing as a sound designer. we don’t have to pander to people to get them into the theatre, and good theatre doesn’t have be to exclusive of a wide audience.

if there were more works like this, i would go to the theatre more often.

as a side note, it looks like it might be turning into the summer of tom waits for me.