\ˈdäk-sik nän-ˌsen(t)s\

(doxic nonsense)

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there is a time and place for everything

Comments: 0 - Date: December 29th, 2007 - Categories: Site-Related

… and i don’t think spamming my own blahg from my twitter account is a good idea anymore. on the site now, below the header, are recent tweets: these are not wordpress posts, and won’t inflate the importance of the rss feed. if you do want to continue reading my tweets, either follow me on twitter, or plug this into your feed reader.

sorry for the clutter as i tried out this micro-blogging thing. which isn’t to say i don’t like twittering: in fact, i like it a great deal. but it’s a wholly separate deal from the blahg, and as such, they should stay separated. stylistically, i don’t think the recent tweets are distinct enough from the wordpress posts, but i’m still working on that.


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“we may be through with the past, but the past ain’t through with us.” – magnolia

suppose a voice from the past pops up completely out of the blue. someone you’ve, in one way or another, tried to avoid, get over, and come to peace with for, oh, say, five years. and yet, the nausea is somehow balanced with intense curiosity. you’re asked to get together for drinks and catching up.

and, oh, yeah: the whole thing was done via facebook.

what do you do?

i’m thinking bourbon, in the short term…