case in point: los lobos and, my current musical obsession, the black keys. if you don’t already, you should own los lobos’s “colossal head” and “this time;” and pretty much every black keys album, but especially “chulahoma.” i wholeheartedly recommend listening to them in a car in summer with the windows down.

and yesterday was definitely a happy-blues day:

  • glorious weather
  • watching ej work with families for the parent/child dance at city hall (i’m finding kids utterly enchanting recently, but i’m trying not to read anything into that)
  • sharing a pint of fresh bing cherries at the park
  • the night sky after rehearsal with the roller girls (which looked almost exactly like the cover of ‘the sea and the bells’)
  • dinner with amelia at viva zapata (which brought back a few good memories of the last time i was here in new haven).

“i get all happy ‘cause my life is so damn good.” – los lobos ‘life is good’