i should be prepping for scotland and getting ahead on paperwork for the top of next season, but i’m having a hard time focusing and being productive in the brutal heat today. so, a list of my current summer music obsessions:

  • ratatat’s ‘lp3’ is my favorite new find
  • minus the bear’s ‘highly refined pirates’ narrowly edges out the rest of their amazing albums
  • i picked up louis xvi’s ‘slick dogs and ponies’ because i heard “air traffic control” on the radio repeatedly in la jolla and simply fell in love with it
  • the quaver’s ‘lit by your phone’ (and anything by t. griffin, really) is truly inspiring
  • the black keys: i just can get enough of anything this band does
  • aimee mann’s new ‘@#%&*! smilers’ was a very welcome surprise
  • pavement’s ‘slanted and enchanted: luxe and reduxe’ reminds me of teenage summers back in ky, but with added peel sessions and live versions
  • r.e.m.’s ‘new adventures in hi fi’ continues to blow my mind
  • jimi hendrix’s ‘band of gypsys’ has been a summer favorite of mine for a long time and my favorite of all his works
  • the english beat’s ‘i just can’t stop it’ is another perennial favorite

i can’t recommend any of these highly enough.