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jump cut

Comments: 0 - Date: March 15th, 2010 - Categories: Music, Site-Related, Things I Say

so, i launched ecto, and found a couple of drafts of posts from the past… well from the past. one was going to be “songs that are even better than their kickass titles,” which hopefully i’ll get around to eventually.  another was both the beginnings of a review of no bird sing‘s debut album and an attempt to both use my amazon associate account for the first time (while also figuring out how to disclaim that, yes, i will receive a fraction of a percent of your purchase if you buy something from amazon via my link.).  so, in this past sixteen or so months, i have thought about writing here, apparently. and that counts, well, kinda next to nothing.

anyways, this is an attempt to get off my ass and start writing things longer than 140 characters, and to share things with the void of the internet.  i’m thinking of very brief reviews of new albums, and maybe some recipes. i can promise with almost full certainty that there will be no more poorly conceived and poorly written epic prose homages.  i stopped posting here (i think) because i finished/grew tired with playing with the form of the site (learning php, markdown, polishing up my css), and, quite frankly, twitter was serving my appetite for content creation.

but you can’t post a recipe in under 140 characters, nor can you really give an album its just dues. so i’m going to try to go into depth with some of that.  but i’d also like to follow john gruber’s lead and write long posts when they need to be long, and write short posts when they essentially just need to share a link.

so… yeah.

little changes

Comments: 0 - Date: June 14th, 2008 - Categories: Site-Related

so, trying out this feedburner thing, and trying out the new beta version of ecto. advance apologies if things get wonky.

content to follow.

we'll take a cup o' kindness yet

Comments: 0 - Date: January 1st, 2008 - Categories: Site-Related

in what seems to be a tradition, i’m using the holiday slowdown to work on the site. this time it’s a theme written from scratch, which i’d been threatening to do for years. props to the undersigned, whose theme i had been using and used as a starting point; to macrabbit, for making cssedit, an invaluable tool; and to wordpress for making content management easy.

i know it’s not glamourous yet, but nothing seems broken at the moment, which i’ll take as a huge victory. let me know if you guys find anything that seems out of place.

happy new year

there is a time and place for everything

Comments: 0 - Date: December 29th, 2007 - Categories: Site-Related

… and i don’t think spamming my own blahg from my twitter account is a good idea anymore. on the site now, below the header, are recent tweets: these are not wordpress posts, and won’t inflate the importance of the rss feed. if you do want to continue reading my tweets, either follow me on twitter, or plug this into your feed reader.

sorry for the clutter as i tried out this micro-blogging thing. which isn’t to say i don’t like twittering: in fact, i like it a great deal. but it’s a wholly separate deal from the blahg, and as such, they should stay separated. stylistically, i don’t think the recent tweets are distinct enough from the wordpress posts, but i’m still working on that.

and they say cheaters never win

Comments: 0 - Date: June 27th, 2007 - Categories: Site-Related

so, yes: i cheated. i back-posted the past five or so posts with dates and times that reflect when the pertinent thought was first scribbled down, not when it was typed up and posted. i am deeply sorry if this offends anyone’s archival or historical sensibilities, but it made more sense to me to do it this way.

day off in brooklyn

Comments: 1 - Date: January 14th, 2007 - Categories: Site-Related, Things I Say

so, i finally got a more stable living situation (after almost a year). it’s in park slope, it’s a great apartment, and it came with a great roommate-cat combo. and, as i wasted the day away, i made another stab at making this site look better, this time with a theme by the undersigned. with a few changes, i’m pretty happy with it. it’ll do for a few months while i work on a redesign from the ground up.

a proper blaghing

Comments: 0 - Date: December 16th, 2006 - Categories: Site-Related, Things I Say

as sorta lame as it is, i’ve been digging about half of what’s come down the pike at macappaday. and, through a rather lame digg that i can’t even find again, i found this article at lifehacker, which led me to this article, which finally turned me on to ecto, which i am using now and, i have to say, might actually lead me to post more too. with more links. now to get on that pesky re-design for the resume, and a new template/theme for this semi-irregular blog-ish thing.

formal and effecient causation

Comments: 0 - Date: January 2nd, 2006 - Categories: Site-Related

the new year is here, bringing with it, amongst many things (including anthony’s Program, videos of both anthony and i riding children’s toys outside of bodegas, a lovely steak dinner, and seeing the new year’s fireworks in central park from a moving cab), the new and improved wordpress 2.0.  so today, while throwing together an impromptu new year’s brunch, i updated my wordpress.  of course, not happy with default themes (though it is lovely), i started hacking through it, with reckless ignorence of php.  so, right now, this is what we’ve got.  hopefully this will continue to be an exercise in learning php, mastering css, all in hope of building my own theme to match the root domain.  seems like a lot of work for a blog that never gets updated, doesn’t it?  (what, were you expecting a resolution to post more often?  ha.)

entitled: not a clever boy

Comments: 0 - Date: January 6th, 2005 - Categories: Site-Related

it’s an old quote for me, from the glory days of the ePitaLog, which i guess was my first stab at blogging, before i even knew what that was. i was so tragically unhip at the turn of the century. it’s also kinda broken now, as the links in the archived entries point to my old university server account (good old /~418593/). and i know it’s lame to reference the layout/design of a site in its title, but the song is just so adequate for this act of spitting words into the void of internet anonymity.

css blues

Comments: 0 - Date: January 5th, 2005 - Categories: Site-Related

so i spent a little time matching the wordpress css to my current obsession with blues. oh, yeah, and the rest of the site. proving yet again that, as in all my other web endevours, i’d rather tinker with the form than come up with some new content. and, honestly, what do i have to say that you want to hear?  wait a minute . . . who are you anyways?