\ˈdäk-sik nän-ˌsen(t)s\

(doxic nonsense)

the blues ain’t always sad

June 20th, 2008

case in point: los lobos and, my current musical obsession, the black keys. if you don’t already, you should own los lobos’s “colossal head” and “this time;” and pretty much every black keys album, but especially “chulahoma.” i wholeheartedly recommend listening to them in a car in summer with the windows down.

and yesterday was definitely a happy-blues day:

  • glorious weather
  • watching ej work with families for the parent/child dance at city hall (i’m finding kids utterly enchanting recently, but i’m trying not to read anything into that)
  • sharing a pint of fresh bing cherries at the park
  • the night sky after rehearsal with the roller girls (which looked almost exactly like the cover of ‘the sea and the bells’)
  • dinner with amelia at viva zapata (which brought back a few good memories of the last time i was here in new haven).

“i get all happy ‘cause my life is so damn good.” – los lobos ‘life is good’

little changes

June 14th, 2008

so, trying out this feedburner thing, and trying out the new beta version of ecto. advance apologies if things get wonky.

content to follow.

wasting time by attempting to increase efficiency

March 25th, 2008

so, i flirted with omnifocus (even though i’ve not gotten around to reading “getting things done,” which is post-meta-ironic 2.0, i think), and am attempting to write this in markdown, which i am taking a lot of time to play with in the hopes of saving fractional amounts of time in the future.  yet another victory for meta- over content.

and now for an another list, just to see how it works (also becoming the lazy-post here on the blahg):

  • i’ve had the urge to say something, but not had much of anything to say, for weeks (a previous draft was entitled “what’s my motivation?”).
  • in the past two weeks i’ve spent time with lldex in both dc and boston, and it felt really good to be back with them again.  now if i can just get a design opportunity with them…
  • while in dc for rehearsals i spent an evening in baltimore with amelia and ej at brewery arts, after which i resolved to spend more time getting acquainted with rye whiskeys.  so much love for those ladies.
  • boston was great on a number of fronts: good food, fantastic bar at the hotel, and getting to catch up with dan and katie.
  • though boston went well, i immediately fell back into a state of near-complete un-motivation.
  • development time with the team starts soon, and i can’t wait.  also still shocked that mandy patinkin will be performing at our benefit/gala with our favorite drag queen taylor mac and, in a recent addition, international whistling champion emily eagen.  seriously.

a little bit of service and repair

February 24th, 2008

well, between the jetlag, this cold i picked up on the plane, and the lack of any real, hard deadlines, motivation is nigh on impossible. my only hope: the magic elixir that is the hot toddy. well, as an apartment, we’re turning out a lot of homemade soup, and that doesn’t hurt either.

but, with all the de-toxing and general health-ification that’s been going in the apartment in my absence, i have to wonder if i shouldn’t be using this down time to do some general lifestyle maintenance. so, in addition to getting a dresser and rug for my bedroom, i’m gonna focus on stocking up the kitchen with thriftiness and health in mind, and make sure i keep a clean, organized work space in my room.

“doesn’t take much time for plans to go astray/ and chase another ghost of a chance./ they say deep down inside, lie properties of a healing kind,/ if so it’d better come around soon/ and do a little bit of service and repair…/ doesn’t take much time for plans to change/ and offer up another chance/ at sowing the dream better suited for both soul and soil.” – calexico

late to the game

February 20th, 2008

i hope to be living proof that it is never too late to start listening to (unordered excerpt of much longer list):

  • mogwai
  • beta band
  • tom waits
  • frank zappa
  • aimee mann
  • that side project of your favorite band that you never got around to following up on


February 20th, 2008

as far as i can tell, southern california is the mecca of personalized license plates. these two tied as my number-one-favorite:

  • “cptalst” on a new fancy german convertable
  • “mdlfe cx” on a very, very yellow souped-up pickup truck

i guess that they know the “it’s funny because it’s true” cliche is now, well, cliche. and, apparently, they are ok with that.

mainlining bad hotel coffee

January 13th, 2008

must have used up all of my travel karma, because yesterday’s trip from new york to san diego could have gone much smoother. first of all, who doesn’t even give a bag of peanuts or pretzels on a 6 hour flight? (american airlines, that’s who) that’s longer than the flight to heathrow, people. my bag almost didn’t make it on my flight, since american airlines hid all of their self-check-in kiosks in the back when they closed terminal 9 at jfk and squeezed everything into terminal 8, so i stood in the ticketing line for 40 minutes just to check in with my e-ticket and check one bag. fortunately my bag ended up on my plane, because my plane ended up landing at lax due to fog or some such nonsense, so i ended up on a bus to the san diego airport for over two hours with an overly chipper driver who liked his perky music LOUD and a bunch of passengers who thought that this would be the perfect time to carry on conversations with their friends at the other end of the bus (low blood sugar + jetlag = grrrrr…). fortunately, my seat mate was a nice quiet young woman reading “getting things done” who in no way interfered with my struggle between passing out and exploding in a frustrated rage. in the end, tom waits saved the day (doesn’t he always?).

so here’s how jetlag is setting in today: while watching the sunday morning news magazine shows, a cadillac commercial came on that uses hum’s “stars” (from ‘you’d prefer an astronaut,’ the album that gave me the tattoo on my left arm), so i wikipedia’ed hum, started looking at side projects, and ended up raiding the iTunes music store and the amazon .mp3 store for all of the drm-free national skyline that i could find. not exactly how that commercial was supposed to work, but my neural pathways grabbed on to the “buy something” message and ran with it.

god i would kill for a good cup of coffee right now.

and we'll take a right good-will draught

January 2nd, 2008

new years at the west bank cafe: once d and em hounded me into leaving the apartment, i slid through the insanity of times square with the blindest of luck and got to the bar just in time for the tail end of “trivia with ken!” against the other end of the bar. i donned my obligatory funny hat with e and cory just in time for our team to win the chicken of knowledge. word.

d and i finally exchanged christmas presents last night: he got me a new ipod, since my ancient one is dying slowly. i teared up a little bit: it was such a thoughtful thing for him to do, both as my (frequent) boss, and as my friend. so, yeah, not only do i love my job, but the guy who hires me more than anyone else is pretty fantastic guy: lucky doesn’t even really begin to say it.

the rest of the evening gets lost in bourbon, champagne, amazing desserts, and buck slice pizza, ending in a ridiculously over-priced car service ride home. i do remember being grumpy about carson daly stealing air time from dick clark, and then really getting mad when they didn’t play “auld lang syne” at midnight, but everything else was warm and fuzzy, i believe.

so, a toast to aught eight: may it treat us as well as we treat it.

we'll take a cup o' kindness yet

January 1st, 2008

in what seems to be a tradition, i’m using the holiday slowdown to work on the site. this time it’s a theme written from scratch, which i’d been threatening to do for years. props to the undersigned, whose theme i had been using and used as a starting point; to macrabbit, for making cssedit, an invaluable tool; and to wordpress for making content management easy.

i know it’s not glamourous yet, but nothing seems broken at the moment, which i’ll take as a huge victory. let me know if you guys find anything that seems out of place.

happy new year

there is a time and place for everything

December 29th, 2007

… and i don’t think spamming my own blahg from my twitter account is a good idea anymore. on the site now, below the header, are recent tweets: these are not wordpress posts, and won’t inflate the importance of the rss feed. if you do want to continue reading my tweets, either follow me on twitter, or plug this into your feed reader.

sorry for the clutter as i tried out this micro-blogging thing. which isn’t to say i don’t like twittering: in fact, i like it a great deal. but it’s a wholly separate deal from the blahg, and as such, they should stay separated. stylistically, i don’t think the recent tweets are distinct enough from the wordpress posts, but i’m still working on that.