your imminent release of “tron: legacy” has me in a bit of a frenzy: i bought daft punk’s soundtrack to the movie yesterday, and i’m not a huge fan of daft punk, nor usually of movie soundtracks. and i never want to listen to anything from the movie before i see it (being a sound designer and all, i like to be surprised by the composers and music supervisors and sound editors), but i bought it anyways (in no small part because the amazon .mp3 store was selling it for $3.99 yesterday).

then i did what i had been meaning to do since i saw the first trailer for ‘tron: leagcy:’ i went to amazon to buy a dvd of the original ‘tron.’ but, because you’ve stopped production so that you can sell some sort of boxed set, no one has them in stock, and the market opportunists, riding on your wave of imposed scarcity, are selling copies for upwards of $200. ok, no sweat, i’ll just try to netflix it, and buy the dvd later. no dice. as far as i can tell, there is no legal means by which i can watch you movie.

i want to watch your movie. i am willing to pay to do so. i was willing to shell out, i don’t know, $25-$35 for the two-disk twentieth-anniversary dvd set. maybe more.

instead, you have given me absolutely no way to watch the movie. which also means you have given me absolutely no way (and no reason) to give you my hard-earned cash.

so, instead, i plugged in the words “tron,” “anniversary,” “dvd” and “torrent” into google, and in the time it took me to make coffee and oatmeal, i have an avi of the movie and am well on my way to having an uncompressed rip of the dvd as well. and i bet it won’t take long to find disk two. and, yep, i’m seeding it back.

you did it to yourself, mouse. just you and no one else.