the new year is here, bringing with it, amongst many things (including anthony’s Program, videos of both anthony and i riding children’s toys outside of bodegas, a lovely steak dinner, and seeing the new year’s fireworks in central park from a moving cab), the new and improved wordpress 2.0.  so today, while throwing together an impromptu new year’s brunch, i updated my wordpress.  of course, not happy with default themes (though it is lovely), i started hacking through it, with reckless ignorence of php.  so, right now, this is what we’ve got.  hopefully this will continue to be an exercise in learning php, mastering css, all in hope of building my own theme to match the root domain.  seems like a lot of work for a blog that never gets updated, doesn’t it?  (what, were you expecting a resolution to post more often?  ha.)