things i am into right now:

  • the guy on the 2 train home a few weeks ago reading the economist wearing the exact same “fat-albert-ass headphones” i wear every day
  • early tom waits albums, big star, the beta band, aimee mann, nick drake
  • the associated grocery store on my walk home from the train
  • visiting the above a little too frequently so i can have a respectable kitchen to cook in
  • eating nothing but homemade food at least one day a week
  • the balcony-porch-type-thing at my new apartment: i spend a good 80% of my time at home out there
  • having roommates, and siting on the above-mentioned porch, drinking beer and talking about things that don’t involve theatre in the slightest
  • brooklyn lager and miller high life (see above)
  • not having to leave the apartment tomorrow if i don’t want to
  • tonight’s extravagant dinner at the west bank with d and em

i’m starting to think a better title for this blog might have been “the stunningly quotidian.”