so there has been a slight lull in postings here… is it sad that i have to look at my iCal to figure out what i’ve been doing for the past two months?

so, just a few days after my last post, my iBook was stolen out of my bag in a bar after rehearsal, two days before tech for my show at playwrights, and i was much more traumatized than i care to admit. then, the designer for that show ended up not coming down after all, so i took over his design, only to watch it fail sort of spectacularly at the invited dress (as i had warned the director it might two weeks earlier). so, i redesigned the bulk of the show overnight, and spent the entire (lengthy) preview process playing catch-up. in the end, designing a show at playwrights was a huge deal for me, and the show was great, even if i felt like my design was rushed and unfinished.

somewhere in there, i signed a lease on an apartment, which is even more of a huge deal for me than designing a show at playwrights. for the first time since i left louisville on tour with the rachel’s in september of 2003, i have a permanent living situation. my roommates are great, the apartment (second floor of a house in crown heights) is great, and living in a neighborhood that i can call home for longer than a few months is, well, great. the house warming party will be in october, and i can promise it will be an evening not to be missed.

a day after moving in, i promptly flew to the dublin fringe festival with the TEAM (where the show won best production, and libby took home a best performer award). i’ll say this about the irish: they are serious about all the right things. leaving out the beer and whiskey, irish butter and dubliner cheese are nothing short of astounding. i was only there for a few days, but it was a great to be back on the road with my company.

then i headed straight home to kentucky for nick’s wedding. she and i have been best friends since the fourth grade, and i was so proud to be in her wedding. jonathan is a great guy, and they make a perfect couple, in a completely non-sickeing way. it was good to be home and see the folks for the first time since new years, but i wish i had been around a little longer, seen some friends, and enjoyed louisville, which i still miss dearly.

i flew right back to new york for the opening of the show at playwrights at the west bank, which was fantastic because i got to drink for free all night at my favorite bar, and i got an excuse to get all dolled up, which i don’t feel people do often enough anymore. i wish i owned more than one suit, and i wish i didn’t wear jeans everyday, but i don’t think i could pull off wearing a suit to tech every day. i still think everyone would be much sexier if we didn’t dress so casually all of the time, though.

and that was my supposed down time: now the craziness of the season begins…

(wow, so, that was mundane and long. i guess i’m trying to make up for not posting by filling up space. sorry)