so, more than a month without a post… not that anyone should be all that surprised. i found a draft of a post called “ow my liver” about a wonderful but very drunken weekend with the vanya and st. joan casts, steve cramer, and emily and entourage for her birthday. the few nights with steve were epic, and have been dubbed “all cramer’s- eve” and “steve cramer day.”


last night, after rehearsals, miki and i headed across the street to the west bank to blow off some steam (and how). zoe and janel were there as well, and ken was behind the bar, so, of course, a good time was had by all.

the best part of the evening, though, was the cab ride home. after packing miki off in a cab, i hopped in the next one as the radio announced a piece (whose title i didn’t hear) “conducted by leonard bernstein.” i asked the cabbie to turn it up, and we blissed our way up the west side highway until the piece was finished. for the rest of the drive, he only wanted to talk about west side story, which seems to me as a rather odd conversation to have with a cabbie, but was enjoyable nonetheless. i only remember agreeing with whatever he was saying while straining to hear the radio he had turned down, responding every once in a while when something he said broke my focus on the burried music.

i have to say: some of my favorite new york experiences have been cab rides.

oh, and, as a public service announcement, don’t try to watch a subtitled movie at 2am after a heavy-handed bartender has pouring for you.