well, between the jetlag, this cold i picked up on the plane, and the lack of any real, hard deadlines, motivation is nigh on impossible. my only hope: the magic elixir that is the hot toddy. well, as an apartment, we’re turning out a lot of homemade soup, and that doesn’t hurt either.

but, with all the de-toxing and general health-ification that’s been going in the apartment in my absence, i have to wonder if i shouldn’t be using this down time to do some general lifestyle maintenance. so, in addition to getting a dresser and rug for my bedroom, i’m gonna focus on stocking up the kitchen with thriftiness and health in mind, and make sure i keep a clean, organized work space in my room.

“doesn’t take much time for plans to go astray/ and chase another ghost of a chance./ they say deep down inside, lie properties of a healing kind,/ if so it’d better come around soon/ and do a little bit of service and repair…/ doesn’t take much time for plans to change/ and offer up another chance/ at sowing the dream better suited for both soul and soil.” – calexico