so, i flirted with omnifocus (even though i’ve not gotten around to reading “getting things done,” which is post-meta-ironic 2.0, i think), and am attempting to write this in markdown, which i am taking a lot of time to play with in the hopes of saving fractional amounts of time in the future.  yet another victory for meta- over content.

and now for an another list, just to see how it works (also becoming the lazy-post here on the blahg):

  • i’ve had the urge to say something, but not had much of anything to say, for weeks (a previous draft was entitled “what’s my motivation?”).
  • in the past two weeks i’ve spent time with lldex in both dc and boston, and it felt really good to be back with them again.  now if i can just get a design opportunity with them…
  • while in dc for rehearsals i spent an evening in baltimore with amelia and ej at brewery arts, after which i resolved to spend more time getting acquainted with rye whiskeys.  so much love for those ladies.
  • boston was great on a number of fronts: good food, fantastic bar at the hotel, and getting to catch up with dan and katie.
  • though boston went well, i immediately fell back into a state of near-complete un-motivation.
  • development time with the team starts soon, and i can’t wait.  also still shocked that mandy patinkin will be performing at our benefit/gala with our favorite drag queen taylor mac and, in a recent addition, international whistling champion emily eagen.  seriously.